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Below you’ll find our FAQs to help with your questions about RealTime.

How much does RealTime-CTMS cost?

Our pricing is simple. We charge a flat monthly fee based on the number of active trials at your site. Click here to see the pricing chart. Additional one-time set-up fees may also apply if your site integrates your website with RealTime-CTMS to capture study volunteer applications or if you need to move your data from an existing CTMS to RealTime-CTMS.

Does RealTime-CTMS have experience in clinical research?

Yes, RealTime-CTMS was developed by CRCs, recruiters, business developers, budget & contract specialists, regulatory managers and financial specialists. These site professionals work in research every day and their input is why RealTime-CTMS is so very functional to site personnel. RealTime-CTMS was developed by a site, for sites.

What are some examples of companies utilizing the system?

RealTime is in use at small companies conducting 3-4 studies at a time as well as larger corporations with 75+ active trials. RealTime-CTMS can be instrumental in helping your site become more efficient and will aid in your long-term growth and success.

Is there help-desk and other support services?

Yes, we offer training and support to all users of the software. Customers will have access to the Customer Support Team, which is available Monday through Friday, 7:00-18:00 Central Time, excluding some nationally recognized holidays.

Is the CTMS product highly configurable and customizable?

Absolutely. RealTime-CTMS allows you complete flexibility over your dropdown lists, calendars and sponsor/CROs. Customize your system tables such as Medical History items, Medications, Surgeries, Calendars, and more.

Is the CTMS product scalable and upgrade ready?

Yes. Our cloud-based CTMS system provides you updates as soon as they are available.

Is there any online demonstration of the system via webinar or others?

We’re working on creating new video demonstrations for the new platform. You can always request a personalized web demonstration by contacting us.

Can RealTime-CTMS keep track of study milestones such as Contract/Budget finalized, Regulatory Documents submitted/approved, Investigator meeting, SIV Completed, EDC/IVR training completed, IP/Supplies equipment received, etc.

Yes, important study milestones are tracked on the Study Progress Tab for each study. Each of these milestones can be reordered and communicated to the entire study team via email. Additionally, this recorded data can be used for powerful reporting of site performance metrics.

Can you track a referral source for each patient (by doctor, by ad campaign)?

Yes, you can track the referral source, not just for each patient, but for each study. For example: If John Smith heard about your Pfizer study through a newspaper ad, but then heard about your Wyeth study through a Dr. to Patient Letter, then you can account for each of those referral sources separately. RealTime-CTMS can also provide powerful reports to show the effectiveness of your study advertising campaigns.

Can each study coordinator look at a calendar of study visits for their own trials as well as other study coordinators trials (eg, when they need to cover for each other)?

Yes, there is a dropdown at the top right of the calendar section allowing you to flip between different user, provider and resource calendars. RealTime-CTMS also has a calendar Multi-View function to allow you to see any number of calendars side-by-side. You can also view a company calendar to see all events at your site for the day/week.

Can we create text entries in the calendar such as meetings, un-availabilities, etc.?

Yes. You can create any event you want. RealTime-CTMS also gives you the ability to create RESOURCE calendars such as, Conference Rooms, Exam Rooms, and Monitoring Rooms so you can maximize those resources and prevent scheduling events on top of each other.

Is RealTime-CTMS 21 CFR Part 11 compliant?

Coming soon! Although Part 11 compliance is not required for a CTMS when electronic data is not utilized for study source data, we will soon be integrating the final component, Audit Trails, which will make RealTime-CTMS a part 11 compliant system.

Timelines: How soon is setup? (Installation and configuration)

Approximate delivery for a new system is 2 weeks. However, if we need to move your data form an existing CTMS into RealTime-CTMS, final delivery can take up to 4 weeks.

Does the company have an open architecture that enables integration with other systems?

We are very open to custom integration solutions; however, we would have to further evaluate this request to know if it is logistically possible. Custom integration solutions are billed for actual development time at a rate of $125/hr.

Is a Confidentiality Agreement CDA required to be signed?

Our Services Agreement contains protections for confidential information as well as protected health information (PHI). We are happy to execute additional confidentiality agreements if you feel that this is necessary.

Does the organization have a disaster recovery/business continuity plan?

As part of our Services Agreement our Service Levels are clearly stated. RealTime is hosted at a Level-1 datacenter which has extremely robust disaster recovery, data back-up and continuity procedures. Additionally, data backups are sent to a second offsite location for both the RealTime application and your site’s data every 24 hours. In the event of a catastrophic event, new servers could be set up to re-host your version of RealTime including all data up to the time of the last backup. In this most extreme situation, you would experience less than 24 hours’ worth of data loss.

Can Medical History, Medication Lists, & other data be imported from EMR or from Excel?

Yes, depending on the export capability of your current system, we can move the data into RealTime-CTMS.

How long does it take to train my staff?

Typical training of the basic end-user can take a little under 2 hours for them to be fully functional in the system. User manuals will be provided to every employee and they will also have 24/7 access to our RealTime University video series. Upon set up of your system, we will meet with your staff and provide a web based training tailored for your site.


We are standing by to provide you with information, and to answer your questions about how RealTime-CTMS can take your research site performance to the next level.

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