- Mass Texting Now Available -

Take patient engagement to a whole new level with RealTime-TEXT.  Improving patient retention while reducing no show rates will keep your research studies on track for success. Automated appointment reminders boost retention rates and enhance the patient experience. You can now pre-identify subjects in your database that may be interested in upcoming or ongoing trials and send the group a mass marketing TEXT message alerting them about the study. There is no better way to capture interest of your pre-qualified database subjects than with a TEXT that they can easily reply “Yes” to learn more about a study opportunity.

Mass Marketing TEXTs Now Available! Here’s how it works:

subject matching report RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software

Run a subject matching report based on inclusion/exclusion criteria

mass TEXT RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software

Send a mass TEXT to the selected subgroup alerting them of a study opportunity

Subjects can reply YES or NO RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software

Subjects can reply YES or NO to indicate their interest

TEXT responses

TEXT responses will flow back into RealTime-CTMS and notify staff to contact the subject


Automatically send appointment confirmations and reminders to all of your patients.


ASSIST IN RECRUITMENT RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems


Spur recruitment efforts by sending out a mass TEXT message to subjects pre-qualified in your database

RealTimeText mass TEXT RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems


By sending out a mass TEXT at the beginning of a study, RT-TEXT instantly informs interested subjects about new studies at your site.

hipaa compliant RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software


RealTime-Text is a secure messaging solution that safeguards electronic protected health information (ePHI) while still allowing an open flow of communication.

no phone tag RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software


Stop missing phone calls and start communicating directly with your patients  to keep study visits on track.

24hr text reminders RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software


Automated text reminders allow patients to easily confirm, cancel or reschedule up to 24 hours before their study visit.

patient retention program RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software


RealTime-Text will expand your patient retention program by keeping patients engaged.

REDUCE NO SHOW RATES RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software


RealTime-Text is a simple and powerful tool that keeps patients informed of upcoming appointments.

IMPROVE PATIENT RETENTION RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software


Boost retention rates with convenient appointment reminders that enhance the patient experience.


Take patient engagement to a whole new level with RealTime-Text. Improving patient retention while reducing no show rates will keep your research studies on track for success.

  • Schedule appt in the RealTime-CTMS Calendar

  • Your patient will receive a TEXT message letting them know the appointment has been scheduled.

  • 24 hours prior to the appointment the patient will receive another text message to confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointment

  • You will be alerted of their response through email, the patient profile in RealTime-CTMS and the calendar appointment.


RealTime-CTMS eSOURCE clinical trials studies

eSOURCE has more features, greater scalability, and CTMS integration, all at an affordable price.

edocs RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software

Go paperless with the first CTMS-integrated eRegulatory documentation solution

sitepay RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software

Pay Stipends instantly with this fully integrated payment system. Save time and money

RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software

Quick and easy access to study or subject information utilizing simple and intuitive navigation

Have any questions about TEXT? Contact us to learn more!


Great System. Easy to learn, easy to use. It’s the way it is supposed to be. RealTime runs our research department.

RealTime-CTMS is the PREMIER Clinical Research Site Software!!!   This product saves our time because we can manage our studies, documents and subjects in one beautiful, easy to use product!

User Friendly. Love the excellent customer service! Always timely in responding and correcting user errors.

RealTime is something of a go-to at our company. Because RealTime is so user-friendly, we don’t have to spend much time training our new staff on how it works. And even if a training session is required, it’s great that the team at RealTime can provide this for us.  We have been using RealTime for close to two years now, and through updates and additional features, there really isn’t anything RealTime can’t provide for us. The best thing, though, I could say about RealTime is that it has features we didn’t know we wanted.

Great Software!  RealTime has made the running of our research office so much more efficient. The customer service is always courteous, knowledgeable and FAST!  The staff and the subjects love RealTime Pay. It has made stipend payments much easier. Overall, we are extremely happy with RealTime and always recommend to all our associates.

RealTime Rocks!  Great platform!  Database management, easy to run reports, ad tracking, budgets, it’s all there and easy to use.

Making research easier.  Easy, all in one system that helps streamline the research process.   Highly recommended.

Best CTMS Choice for Experienced and Novice.  RealTime understands how research really works! They understand the site and protocol needs from all perspectives. From the Coordinator, Vendors, Regulatory, PI, Sub-I, Vendors, Amendments and ICF tracking to Budgets and Invoicing, RealTime can help you!

Great CTMS!  Easy to use. Very helpful customer support. Has all the functions that you need.  I have been using RealTime for several years.  I highly recommend them.

BEST CTMS OUT THERE! This system is so user-friendly.  This is the best system available no matter what your size is. It has paid for itself over and over. This system was created by a site and it shows! Don’t make my mistake and choose a less expensive system first because trust me doing it right from the beginning would have been much easier.

Great Software & Support!  Great support team!  Easy to use and love it!

Couldn’t survive without it!  RealTime is essential to the running of our clinic. From recruitment to tracking study progress, and now with eDOCS and TEXT. On top of all this, the customer support is fantastic.  RealTime is the way a CTMS should be done.

1. System is user friendly to the point of being intuitive
2. Service is first rate … accessible and knowledgeable
3. RT is clearly run by folks with research site level experience rather than IT folks.

Great System!  I work with RealTime on multiple platforms and they are fantastic! The platforms are very user-friendly and easy to use.

I have used two other systems and like RealTime best. I love RealTime because it is so intuitive and has a wealth of information at my fingertips.

Our site has been utilizing RealTime for approximately 5 years and it has been instrumental to our overall growth, including expansion to multiple locations.  Not only does the software serve as a trial management system, it also includes patient appointment reminders via text messages, an electronic regulatory system and a stipend payment system. Additionally, the system is fully integrated with our company website. As a site director, I find the system is a must have.  Additionally, it is invaluable for study payment accountability and invoicing. RealTime is our site’s go to CTMS!

RealTime-CTMS allows our site to effectively manage our clinical studies from start to finish. The system is completely customizable and user-friendly. We are able to track appointments, recruitment, enrollment and completion with just a few clicks of the mouse. This system has enabled our sites to effectively manage our costs directly related to each clinical study. Two examples: we are able to analyze our advertising budget to determine which sources of promotion are providing referrals for screening appointments and we are able to effectively track the study revenue chain as it relates to visits, monitoring and invoicing. RealTime has truly become a clinical and financial asset to our organization.

We switched to RealTime because it’s much more user friendly than some of the other systems out in the market. RealTime is cost effective, practical, it tracks all study related activity, stores our patient database, has the ability to upload forms and track financial activity – most importantly, we finally have a system that our coordinators like and use!

Since using RealTime-TEXT, my subject no show rate has been cut in half. It makes rescheduling visits much easier for both me and my subjects. It provides a quicker and easier way to communicate with my subjects, rather than waiting for a phone call.


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