RealTime is a proven leader of advanced research information systems. RealTime-eSOURCE is no exception as it was built and tested by research site professionals. Additionally, our eSOURCE has more features, greater scalability, better support, and all at an affordable price.

Electronic Source Documents

Electronic Source Documents

Part II Compliant

Part II Compliant

Safe & Secure Cloud Hosting

Safe & Secure Cloud Hosting



Electronic Data Collection at its Best

Finally! An eSOURCE solution that actually works for research sites.

The RealTime-eSOURCE Advantage

Finally! An eSOURCE solution that actually works for research sites. As a stand-alone system, RealTime-eSOURCE has a comprehensive set of features that give sites the tools to manage study recruitment, subject enrollment, visit tracking, scheduling, TEXT messaging, study documents, financials and more!

Integration Options

RealTme-eSOURCE can seamlessly integrate into all RealTime site solutions to include CTMS, eDOCS, PAY and TEXT. No other system or software vendor can provide this level of integration and effi ciency.

Enterprise-Level Solutions

RealTime has the most advanced site enterprise systems available for multi-site organizations. These organizations need the ability to manage multi-site operations and eSOURCE from an enterprise portal. RealTime can provide a seamless enterprise-level solution.

The RealTime-eSOURCE Difference

RealTime is a proven leader of advanced research information systems. RealTime-eSOURCE is no exception as it was built and tested by research site professionals. Additionally, our eSOURCE has more features, greater scalability, better support, and all at an affordable price.

Part-11 Compliant

RealTime-eSOURCE is a fully validated Part-11 compliant system. Our Part-11 team trains each site on Part-11 practices and helps to ensure site compliance.

RealTime-eSOURCE Simplifies Data Collection

Features that Maximize RealTime-eSOURCE Efficiency.

Customized eSOURCE Templates

Build your own eSOURCE form templates that can be reused and/or modified on future studies, simplifying the eSOURCE creation process and saving time on each study.

Data Accuracy Assurances

Build data parameters into form fields to ensure completion, accuracy and eliminate errors. Protocol compliance checks and safety checks can be included to ensure subject eligibility.

Optimized for Multiple Platforms

RealTime-eSOURCE can be utilized on any type of device or display including desktops, laptops, or RealTime’s slick mobile app for Apple and Android operating systems.

Collaboration and Oversight

eSOURCE provides complete TEAM collaboration and real-time site monitoring utilizing web-based systems. A query system for CRAs streamlines communication and prevents data inconsistencies.

Efficient Integration Options

Pairing RealTime-eSOURCE with CTMS, eDOCS, TEXT and PAY offers efficient access to site systems and data like no other. Log into one RealTime system instead of many other systems to get the job done!

The New Mobile App for

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Our eSOURCE app is loaded with features!

Completely Mobile eSOURCE

Collect data onto eSOURCE forms from your smartphone or tablet.

Store Your Study and Site Contacts

Study, site and personal contacts are all accessible in the mobile app.

Access to Study Documents

Quickly navigate your study documents with our robust document management system.

Refer Patients into Studies

Doctors and staff have quick access to I/E criteria and can easily refer potential patients.

Instantly Sign Documents

With fi ngerprint technology, it’s never been easier to sign documents electronically.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive design makes entering or reviewing data a breeze.


Seamless Integration Options

The first & only eSOURCE solution able to integrate with other site systems!

CTMS Integration

  • Track all of your studies, subjects and visits by adding RealTime-CTMS
  • Maximize recruitment and build a complete research database with RealTime-CTMS features
  • Maintain study fi nancials across all studies and keep all site fi nancials in a single system
  • Easily navigate between your CTMS subjects, study visits and eSOURCE documents
  • Save time and money by streamlining all research processes in one system

eRegulatory Integration

  • Eliminate paper-based regulatory binders and associated storage costs
  • Streamlined regulatory processes
  • Mobile app manages signatures and records on the go
  • Professional Education and Training Tracker (PETT) system to track CVs, licenses and certifi cations
  • Accelerate study start up processes
  • Standardize and centralize regulatory files
  • Remote access to regulatory binders



The all-in-one package to streamline your research business.


edocs RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software

Go paperless with the first CTMS-integrated eRegulatory documentation solution

text RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software

Automatically send appointment confirmations and reminders to all your patients

sitepay RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software

Pay stipends instantly with this fully integrated payment system, save time and money

RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software

Quick and easy access to study or subject information utilizing simple and intuitive navigation

Have any questions about eSOURCE? Contact us to learn more!


Great System. Easy to learn, easy to use. It’s the way it is supposed to be. RealTime runs our research department.

RealTime-CTMS is the PREMIER Clinical Research Site Software!!!   This product saves our time because we can manage our studies, documents and subjects in one beautiful, easy to use product!

User Friendly. Love the excellent customer service! Always timely in responding and correcting user errors.

RealTime is something of a go-to at our company. Because RealTime is so user-friendly, we don’t have to spend much time training our new staff on how it works. And even if a training session is required, it’s great that the team at RealTime can provide this for us.  We have been using RealTime for close to two years now, and through updates and additional features, there really isn’t anything RealTime can’t provide for us. The best thing, though, I could say about RealTime is that it has features we didn’t know we wanted.

Great Software!  RealTime has made the running of our research office so much more efficient. The customer service is always courteous, knowledgeable and FAST!  The staff and the subjects love RealTime Pay. It has made stipend payments much easier. Overall, we are extremely happy with RealTime and always recommend to all our associates.

RealTime Rocks!  Great platform!  Database management, easy to run reports, ad tracking, budgets, it’s all there and easy to use.

Making research easier.  Easy, all in one system that helps streamline the research process.   Highly recommended.

Best CTMS Choice for Experienced and Novice.  RealTime understands how research really works! They understand the site and protocol needs from all perspectives. From the Coordinator, Vendors, Regulatory, PI, Sub-I, Vendors, Amendments and ICF tracking to Budgets and Invoicing, RealTime can help you!

Great CTMS!  Easy to use. Very helpful customer support. Has all the functions that you need.  I have been using RealTime for several years.  I highly recommend them.

BEST CTMS OUT THERE! This system is so user-friendly.  This is the best system available no matter what your size is. It has paid for itself over and over. This system was created by a site and it shows! Don’t make my mistake and choose a less expensive system first because trust me doing it right from the beginning would have been much easier.

Great Software & Support!  Great support team!  Easy to use and love it!

Couldn’t survive without it!  RealTime is essential to the running of our clinic. From recruitment to tracking study progress, and now with eDOCS and TEXT. On top of all this, the customer support is fantastic.  RealTime is the way a CTMS should be done.

1. System is user friendly to the point of being intuitive
2. Service is first rate … accessible and knowledgeable
3. RT is clearly run by folks with research site level experience rather than IT folks.

Great System!  I work with RealTime on multiple platforms and they are fantastic! The platforms are very user-friendly and easy to use.

I have used two other systems and like RealTime best. I love RealTime because it is so intuitive and has a wealth of information at my fingertips.

Our site has been utilizing RealTime for approximately 5 years and it has been instrumental to our overall growth, including expansion to multiple locations.  Not only does the software serve as a trial management system, it also includes patient appointment reminders via text messages, an electronic regulatory system and a stipend payment system. Additionally, the system is fully integrated with our company website. As a site director, I find the system is a must have.  Additionally, it is invaluable for study payment accountability and invoicing. RealTime is our site’s go to CTMS!

RealTime-CTMS allows our site to effectively manage our clinical studies from start to finish. The system is completely customizable and user-friendly. We are able to track appointments, recruitment, enrollment and completion with just a few clicks of the mouse. This system has enabled our sites to effectively manage our costs directly related to each clinical study. Two examples: we are able to analyze our advertising budget to determine which sources of promotion are providing referrals for screening appointments and we are able to effectively track the study revenue chain as it relates to visits, monitoring and invoicing. RealTime has truly become a clinical and financial asset to our organization.

We switched to RealTime because it’s much more user friendly than some of the other systems out in the market. RealTime is cost effective, practical, it tracks all study related activity, stores our patient database, has the ability to upload forms and track financial activity – most importantly, we finally have a system that our coordinators like and use!

Since using RealTime-TEXT, my subject no show rate has been cut in half. It makes rescheduling visits much easier for both me and my subjects. It provides a quicker and easier way to communicate with my subjects, rather than waiting for a phone call.


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