Rick Greenfield, BBA-IS

Rick Greenfield, BBA-IS

Chief Executive Officer/ Lead Inventor

Rick has nearly 20 years of experience in the Clinical Research industry. He was part owner and helped build one of the largest multi-specialty research sites in the US over a 13 year period. With a lack of truly effective and efficient CTMS systems available, he put his education in Information Systems to work and began the development of RealTime-CTMS, which eventually became the backbone of his site’s operations. RealTime was built from the ground up with the input of all of the key players at the site level to include site managers and stakeholders, Investigators, clinical research coordinators, regulatory compliance specialists, quality control and quality assurance personnel, advertisers and recruiters, clinical research associates (monitors) and more.  It is Rick’s goal to continue to build innovative systems for sites, Sponsor and CROs that will contribute to operational excellence in clinical trials.

Al Peters

Al Peters

Managing Partner

Al Peters is the Co-Founder of Clin-X, the holding company of ClinEdge and BTC Network, two service companies specializing in clinical trials. He is also a current investor in RealTime Software Solutions, a clinical research software solutions provider whose capabilities include CTMS, electronic source (eSource), and electronic regulatory (eDOCS).

Al is dedicated to creating a new site services category that streamlines operations at the institutional level and provide increased clinical trial access to patients. His notable leadership achievements and his knack for spotting industry inefficiencies helped shape a new category in the field of clinical research, which Clin-X seeks to address.

Since 2002 he has been in the Clinical Research field. Prior to devoting his work full-time to Clin-X, he founded three private research sites where he oversaw daily operations. In 2010, he co-founded ClinEdge and later BTC Network, which have since been combined under Clin-X. Since their inception, the companies have grown to be leaders in the clinical trial services space, contributing to the disruption of the current site landscape. The companies provide research clinic and patient-centric services, such as: pipeline development, patient recruitment, centralized financials services, patient travel coordination, a fully integrated research institution network, and more.
He currently resides in Southeastern Massachusetts with his wife and two daughters. His “stay-positive” attitude has always proven helpful throughout his personal and professional career. Looking to the future, he hopes to continue supporting innovative ideas to improve inefficiencies at the site level.

Christian Burns

Christian Burns

Managing Partner

Christian is an avid entrepreneur & research advocate dedicated to the voice of clinical research sites. In addition to RealTime, as the President & Co-founder of ClinEdge & BTC Network he has consulted with hundreds of research institutions with dozens of different types of infrastructure including: Dedicated Research Sites, Site Management Organizations, Integrated Site Networks, Hospitals, Universities and Academic medical research centers. Throughout 10+ years Christian has served sites by identifying innovative solutions that will transform the traditional clinical trial model. Christian is passionate about using technology to automate processes at the research institution level to maximize efficiency and quality.

Kay Scroggins

Kay Scroggins

Managing Partner

Kay’s career began as a nurse in 1980 (PACU, Psychiatry, Nursing Education & Research), and later branched out into the world of clinical research as a study coordinator, site director and CRA/CRA manager. She then founded Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc. (CTT) in 2001 and co-founded RealTime-CTMS, LLC in 2013. With more than 20 years of experience within the research industry she devotes most of her time to her role of President/CEO and visionary for CTT—one of the largest stand-alone multi-therapeutic, Phase 1-4 research sites in the country. Kay is also an active speaker and board member member/consultant within industry, passionately working to bridge gaps between sites and sponsor/CRO partners.

Todd Alexander

Todd Alexander

Lead Developer

Ryan Speer

Ryan Speer

Lead Web Developer/ Web Integration

Nathan Levens

Nathan Levens

Product Manager

Nathan Levens, Product Manager for RealTime-eDOCS and RealTime-eSOURCE, has over 10 years of clinical research experience and spent over 4 years as the Quality Assurance Manager for one of the largest multi-specialty, phase 1-4 research sites in the United States. Nathan has a deep understanding of research site processes and regulatory compliance challenges that shape our industry. He now teaches sites how to transition from paper-based regulatory and source documentation processes to electronic solutions, such as RealTime-eDOCS and RealTime-eSOURCE, to boost efficiency, drive compliance, and improve collaboration between sites and sponsors.

Elise Tawfiq

Elise Tawfiq

Product Manager
SitePay | GlobalPAY | TEXT

Elise Tawfiq has over 15 years’ experience in the clinical research industry. She managed a research site in which she was responsible for oversight of all clinical research activities to include business development, budget/contract negotiation, recruitment planning, oversight of clinical research staff, and management of data. For 7 years, Ms. Tawfiq worked for one of the largest multi-specialty, phase 1-4 research sites in the US. Currently, Ms. Tawfiq is the Product Manager for the GlobalPAY and TEXT programs at RealTime Software Solutions. Elise’s experience at the site level, greatly assists her clients in finding creative way to excel in the clinical research industry. Elise has a deep understanding of research site processes and challenges that exist in clinical research. Elise now teaches sites how to leverage technology to gain an edge and succeed in a challenging business environment.

Crystal Martinez

Crystal Martinez

Product Manager

Crystal Martinez brings 10 years of clinical research experience to RealTime-eDOCS, with an emphasis in regulatory compliance management at one of the largest multi-specialty, phase 1-4 research sites in the United States. She holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Crystal’s experience at the site level, along with her education, has provided her with a deep understanding of the challenges and needs of sites and regulatory personnel, and has equipped her with the skills needed to ensure a smooth transition from paper to eRegulatory processes.

Shannon Samuel

Shannon Samuel

Director of  Sales

Prior to RealTime, I gained industry knowledge by working in business operations for one of the largest multi-specialty sites in the nation. I used that business model to implement RealTime CTMS solutions in a way that assists and stages new sites for growth. Learning different and new organizational structures in clinical research has expanded my awareness of issues other sites and SMO’s face on a daily basis. This has allowed me to become an integral part of developing our software to meet shifting industry demands.

Jeanette Andrada

Jeanette Andrada

Business Operations Manager

Jeanette Andrada is responsible for the business operations of RealTime Software Solutions. She manages daily operations of the business to include general administration, accounting, and human resources. Jeanette brings over 8 years of business administration experience to RealTime. She holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Business Management and Human Resources from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Chuck Hubbard

Chuck Hubbard

CTMS Support Manager

Kim Rogers

Kim Rogers

Lead CTMS Support Specialist

Kimberly Rogers has 10 years of clinical and research experience. After becoming a Certified Medical Assistant, she entered the world of research where she has had prior roles as a Lab Tech, Lead Study Coordinator, and QC Data Entry Manager. She is currently one of the Software Support Specialist with RealTime Software Solutions. Her experience allows her to understand and relate to research sites world-wide and provide comprehensive CTMS trainings, study template builds, customer support and many more.


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